Prevalence of Internal Parasites in Chicken in Mosul Iraq


Seventy non-descriptive breed hens of 1-2 years age were examined and found that 60 (85.7%) hens were infected with various species of metazoan and protozoan parasites of the 8 helminth species recorded , Subulura suctoria (brumpti) was the most common nematode, while Ascaridia galli , Heterakis gallinarum , Raillietina tetragona , R. echinobothrida , R. cesticillus , Hymenolepis carioca and Chonanotaenia infundibulum were also frequently found. H. carioca was recorded for the first time in Iraq. Eimeria oocysts were seen in the intestinal contents of 8 (11.4%) hens.