Religious holidays in Damascus


The city of Damascus included several peoples, the majority of which were Arab Muslims, and Christians and Jews lived in neighborhoods that were known to them. Each sect was distinguished by its beliefs and customs, benefiting from the spirit of social tolerance in Damascus. The Turkmen, Kurds and others also lived in Damascus. There is no single community, while Arabic is the language spoken by most of the inhabitants of Damascus,There are reasons to push us to study the subject in the period in question, including the impact of the city in the Arab Islamic civilization, and the diversity of social life diversity of its components, although our study has focused on the conditions of the Arab Muslim community within the borders of Damascus, but did not neglect the elements and communities that included the Damascus society through The coexistence of these groups despite their mixing, which contributed to the cultural and anthropological and demographic construction that characterized the city of Damascus.The research aims to give a clear picture of the religious holidays in Damascus, that ancient and important city among the cities of the Levant, as well as those who inhabit it are diverse religions and nationalities, and this is a variety of customs and traditions. Hence our research on Islamic religious events in Damascus, Social things are characterized by some stability and slow change very severe, and this study required reference to many historical and geographical sources, books and other Arabic travel books that provided us with the appropriate historical information.