Identification and Management of Major Risk Factors in Construction of Healthcare Centers Projects


More attention is needed for healthcare centers projects and its development to change and improve the health situation in Iraq. The study of risk in this type of projects is essential to avoid the problems encountered during the project life cycle. This paper aimed to identify risk factors facing the construction of an advanced healthcare centers and to enhance the possible solutions based on the opinion of experts. For data collection, fifty-five risk factors were presented in a questionnaire form. The result showed that the major risk factor was government corruption, which has a direct influence on the economy and a negative impact on the infrastructure in the country and its development. The analysis showed that financial problems represent the highest risk during the years in all construction projects. Other considerable risk factors were time overrun, labor safety, as well as environmental risks, which are related to waste treatment. Other important risk factors were related to the ventilation system and air conditioning, also risk in providing continuous electrical power during the day. In term of risk groups, the five most effective ones were political, Economic, Safety, Operation & Maintenance and Construction risks.