The Effectiveness of the Audio Rhythm in Abdullah Baradooni's poetry- Diwan : Smoky Faces in the Mirrors of the Night as a Model


An audio rhythm is one of the phenomena that gives literary texts aesthetic value by providing them with performance elements, and effectiveness at the level of performing the poetic message. The well-known Yemeni poet Abdullah Al-Bardooni skillfully uses audio rhythm in his poetry. This poetic device becomes an evident feature in his poetry in general and in his Smoky Faces in the Mirrors of the Night. Perhaps the most important reason for this is his loss of vision, which made him focus on the acoustic values in poetic formation. The research is divided into an introduction and four sections, namely: (the audio image, the multiplicity of sounds, the voice of the self, and the audio dictionary) , then the conclusion of the research, and its sources and references in it. It is given by novelty and freshness, and the voices are numerous in his poetic discourse, especially in the presence of narrative structures.