The Role of Human Resources Maintenance in Achieving Organizational Agility


The study aims at acknowledging the effect of human resources maintenance on the types of organizational agility (sensing agility, decision-making agility, and acting agility) in the private universities / Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The study has used the analytical descriptive methodology, through using questionnaire to collect information from the members of the universities council in (11) private universities / Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The sample of the study includes (91) members of the university councils. The statistical program (SPSS. V. 21) has been used to analyze the data collected and to get the results of the hypotheses testing.The study found that the surveyed universities are implementing human resources maintenance in medium levels, and they practice the organizational agility in high levels. The study showed a positive correlation between human resources maintenance and organizational agility. The study also indicates that human resources maintenance has a significant impact on organizational agility at the surveyed universities. A number of suggestions were presented to focus on that the private universities need to pay more attention to the human resources maintenance activities as they have a positive impact on achieving organizational agility.