The origins of the fixed professions and their differentiation


Moreover, there are some differences among the applicants of linguists in proving the term of the profession, and mixing it with the related words such as craft, workmanship and work. In many writers and researchers, in addition to that I did not stand on contemporary studies in this area, which eliminates the problem and keep pace with the emergence of new types of professions and changes to the old ones, which need to be controlled under the origin of assets, the methodology of the research was as follows:1 - writing the verses according to what they are in the drawing of the Koran city, the story of the workshops about the useful, and mentioned the verse and the number of the verse in the margin 2 - put the Prophet's Hadith in the brackets of Hilalin this picture (), although the novel contains words other than the Prophet - peace be upon him - and placed it in double arches and high in the crescent brackets in this picture (""), and committed to graduating with regard to the correct ones, taking into consideration the presentation of the two hadiths or in one of them, although otherwise attributed to talk to the sources where it stood, Or received In the context of one or more verses, the entire text was placed in double crescent arches and separated between the narration of the Prophet's Hadith or the words of the narrators with high brackets in this picture