National identity in Iraq: Its Concept, Forms and the Most Important Challenges It Faces


 The concept of national identity has taken its political nature after the countries were formed and the geographical borders imposed. This concept has in fact expanded to become a comprehensive human concept. We do not deny that in our modern world, with the advent of the third millennium, the concept of national identity has been replaced by old or new tribal, sectarian, local, religious or purely geographical identities. National identity is the container that includes and accommodates all identities. It recognizes the appreciation of all rights by members of a society and the obligations imposed on them or their consequences as a result of their belonging to a specific geographical area. National identity must be preserved not only sub-identities but also from transnational identities and global identities. The Iraqi state should base on national bases devoid of any sectarian, racial, religious or other tendencies to be the only Iraqi national identity which is the first and last goal of all not at the expense of any particular group or sect.