Managerial behavior of Heads of Departments from the viewpoint of faculty at the University of Diyala


Put institutions at different levels and objectives of the regulations and standards suit the nature of work in the appointment or choice of presidents and their masterminds, which originates in the principle of putting the right person in the right place.The institutions of higher education, like other institutions it controls and its own standards in the appointment or selection of officials, and what was the nature of the objectives of these institutions, educational, educational, social, service and scientific, it should be the chief administrative officer has the features that qualify to work in accordance with these goals. And the Scientific Section is the basic building block in higher education institutions so that the direct interface with the students who is raising them and teaching them and thus be a front of higher education to society. It also includes faculty which is responsible to achieve the objectives of the university, as well as on the basis that it is the source for scientific research and method development and progress in society.In light of this dangerous duty, it should be when selecting the heads of the Departments that take into account the development of scientific criteria minutes from the academic side and this means that the head of the section of the faculty for excellence in this aspect, has the scientific expertise long and has the stature of management through which the work functions of the Department of planning and decision-making, organizing, directing and calendar and other functions, as well as the scientific title of the applicant.Since the current research specialized faculties of education and basic education at the University of Diyala, it is necessary to identify the general conditions experienced and witnessed by this university. Among the most important of these circumstances, the security aspect since the Diyala province is one of the hot spots has the effect of this negative impact on the university so I moved the College of Education from its site to maintains a double with the College of Basic Education, as well as interruption of a number of teaching staff for always, as the attribute or moved some of them to other universities