The Partial DNA Sequencing and Phylogenic Analysis of Tomato yellow leaf curl virus Isolated from Iraqi tomato


Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) is one on the top ten supreme pathogens threatening tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) production worldwide. While TYLCV is a serious disease in tomato production areas of Iraq under field and plastic tunnels conditions, little is known about genomic features of these viruses from Iraq. Total DNA was extracted from infected tomatoes were collected from two growing areas of Iraq. A partial sequence of the TYLCV was carried out, and phylogenetic study was conducted to understand the genetic diversity of the TYLCV in these regions. Based on the DNA sequence and phylogenetic analyses, the two collected virus strains were confirmed as TYLCV strains. The two viral isolates that have been characterized in this study were shared 98.91% and 98.38 % nucleotide sequence identity with a previously characterized Iraqi and Lebanese TYLCV isolates, (JQ35499.1and EF051116.1) respectively. The result showed that Iraqi isolates shared highest sequence identity (<98 %) with group of TYLCV complete genome sequencing from Iran, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel include viral strains JQ231214.1, EF054893.1, AB116631.1, AY594174.1, AB110217.1, AB116629.1, AB116630.1 and AB116631.1.