The PoliticalTitles of Achaemenian Kings : ( AN Analytical and Comparative Study)


The Achaemenian kings used to have some political titles like the previous or contemporary kings of Near East Countries. These titles are of great significance in studying the ancient history . Similarly these titles reflect the political situations in the regions within the reign of those kings .They also show the king personality and his military achievements. Likewise , they also reveal the view that the king look to himself and picture that depicted to him by the inscribers who ther this was by his instructions or as a kind of courtesy . This may push him to think that he deserves these titles . The current study sheds light on the political titles held by the Achaemenian kings through reviewing the royal Achaemenian texts . The study also attempts to uncover to what extent were those kings deserve those political titles . Having these political titles involve some exaggerations to legitimize a king's reign , or to make a kind of propaganda for certain king or ruler. Finally the purpose of this study is to show the extent how the Achaemenian kings affected by Near East kings especially Mesopotamia asfaras political titles are concerned .