Effect of coating method on release of Glimepiride from porosity osmotic pump tablets (POPTs)


In this study, once-daily porosity osmotic pump tablets (POPTs) of Glimepiride were prepared using HPMC K100M (61%), osmotic agent (30% NaCl) coated using two different coating techniques spraying and dipping methods. The coating solution composed of ethyl cellulose (7.5%) ww in ethanol (90%), castor oil (2%) as water-insoluble plasticizer and Gingo red color (0.5% ww). In both techniques, the coating level was adjusted to give a 10% increase in the weight of the tablets. The effect of the coating by dipping technique with an increase in the weight of tablet (10 %, 20% & 50%) was also investigated to see the effect coating level on the percentage of drug release from POPTs. The results of the in vitro release of Glimepiride from tablets coated by the spraying method showed longer release time (24 hrs) than those coated with dipping method. On the other hand, increasing the coating level by dipping method retarded the release of the drug from tablets. However, the same retardation effect on release as shown with the spraying technique was only obtained by increasing the coating level with a 50% increase in the weight of the tablet. Thus, coating by spraying is more efficient to prepare POPTs to give a continuous release of Glimepiride from once daily table with the lowest increase in the total weight of the tablet.