Al-Bayhaqi's weightings in shrouding, carrying the funeral and placing it in the grave is a comparative juristic study


In this research, we studied Imam Al-Bayhaqi's life and academic career (may Allah have mercy on him ) The controversial book is preferred to cover up, carry the funeral and place it in the grave. The work has demonstrated the potential of Al-Bayhaqi's expertise in comparative jurisprudence because it mentions the Shafi'i school and its evidence, then mentions the Hanafi school and its evidence, and then it is weighted according to scientific evidence showing the scope of its knowledge in the Sunnah of the Prophet ( peace be upon him ), as he inferred Shafi'i school of thought with hadiths which they did not infer. And the research showed the man's correct preferred in wrapping the man, as it is more likely that the man will cover himself in three garments with no shirt or turban.