Wearable Detection Systems for Epileptic Seizure: A review


The seizure epilepsy is risky because it happens randomly and leads to death in some cases. The standard epileptic seizures monitoring system involves video/EEG (electro-encephalography), which bothers the patient, as EEG electrodes are attached to the patient’s head.Seriously, helping or alerting the patient before the seizure is one of the issue that attracts the researchers and designers attention. So that there are spectrums of portable seizure detection systems available in markets which are based on non-EEG signal. The aim of this article is to provide a literature survey for the latest articles that cover many issues in the field of designing portable real-time seizure detection that includes the use of multiple body signals, new algorithm methods, and detection devices that are commercially available.As a result, the reviewing process shows that there are many research articles that have covered wearable seizure detection systems that based on body signals. The more effective monitoring and detection seizure system is the system that uses multi-body signals, is highly comfortable and has low power consumption.