The Image of Teachers for the 12th Grade Students in Educational Videos via YouTube - A Field Study


YouTube technology has a great impact in all areas of life, including the educational field, as teachers are able to use this technology to benefit students at an important study stage, therefore this tagged research (image of teachers for the 12th grade students in educational videos via YouTube: study Field) is here to monitor the features of the image of teachers among the 12th grade students. These students are the most benefiting from these videos and they are considered as the alternative to teachers as a result of poor teaching in public schools, whether it is due to congestion classrooms or the scarcity of scientific competencies. So, the research problem is represented by the main question which is (what is the mental image of the teacher in the educational videos through the YouTube website of the 12th grade students?).This research falls within descriptive research, it adopted the survey method in order to achieve its goals. In addition, the questionnaire form was used as a tool for this research, it included several questions that were directed to the sample members to answer them, the most important of which are:- To what extent did the respondents follow the teacher’s educational videos through YouTube?- What are the teachers' image sources in educational videos on YouTube?- What is the respondents' evaluation of the level of teacher’s performance in educational videos on YouTube?The research reached a number of results, most notably:• It was found that most of the respondents use YouTube to follow the teachers ’educational videos by (173) iterations from the total sample population of (180) respondents, at a rate of (96.1%).• The respondents’ answers revealed that the teachers’ image was positive with regard to the teachers’ personal characteristics in educational videos via YouTube and their assessment of the level of their performance in educational videos via YouTube, as the positive paragraphs obtained high agreement rates, contrary to negative paragraphs.• The results of the research proved that there are statistically significant differences between the respondents' evaluation of the level of teachers’ performance in educational videos through YouTube and the variable of the scientific branch, and the value of the calculated Kay square reached (11.07) greater than the tabular value.