The Criterion of Truth in Religious Knowledge... Foundationalism as an Example


There is no doubt about the importance of defining the criterion of the truthfulness of knowledge, including religious knowledge that has an essential role in the happiness of human beings. In this study, I present a critical analytical approach to firstly show how to define the criterion of truth in religious knowledge, and by noting that religious knowledge is one of the human sciences, I show that the criterion of its truthfulness is the same as the criterion of truthfulness of all issues. After discussing compatibilism and pragmatism and epistemologically criticizing them, I explain foundationalism in religious knowledge as a true standard for proving its authenticity. I do this by referring theoretical issues to foundational issues, which are axioms. Finally, I attempt to answer some of the problems raised about foundationalism and make use of them in a doctrinal question, which is the question of proving the existence of God, to be an applied example in the study.