The role of controlling marketing in Promote the dimensions customer satisfaction/Applied research


This research helps to identify the methods of controlling marketing adopted by Korek Telecom Company and its role in promote customer satisfaction. The research problem revolves around the weak activation of controlling marketing and its dependence on promote customer satisfaction represented by (Understanding customer needs, measuring customer satisfaction and customer feedback). The research sample includes (30) managers and officials in the researched company. The research variables were measured by relying on the questionnaire in collecting data related to the practical aspect of the research, and the correlation and impact relationships between the marketing control variable and the customer satisfaction variable and its dimensions were tested, and using the ready statistical program (SPSS). The research reached several conclusions, the most important of which was there is a significant effect of marketing control on the dimensions of customer satisfaction. This shows that this control explains the difference in satisfaction, which indicates that good control methods make the customer more satisfied with the services provided by the company. Most important recommendations, it is directed towards designing an effective monitoring system that depends on setting mechanisms through which he can go towards listening to customer complaints and also satisfying their needs and desires in a way that is commensurate with the development taking place in the field of communications.