Optimal Learning Controller Design Using Particle Swarm Optimization: Applied to CSI System


In this article, a PD-type iterative learning control algorithm (ILC) is proposed to a nonlinear time-varying system for cases of measurement disturbances and the initial state errors. The proposed control approach uses a simple structure and has an easy implementation. The iterative learning controller was utilized to control a constant current source inverter (CSI) with pulse width modulation (PWM); subsequently the output current trajectory converged the sinusoidal reference signal and provided constant switching frequency. The learning controller's parameters were tuned using particle swarm optimization approach to get best optimal control for the system output. The tracking error limit is achieved using the convergence exploration. The proposed learning control scheme was robust against the error in initial conditions and disturbances which outcome from the system modeling inaccuracies and uncertainties. It could correct the distortion of the inverter output current waveform with less computation and less complexity. The proposed algorithm was proved mathematically and through computer simulation. The proposed optimal learning method demonstrated good performances.