The Role of Scientific Affairs Departments in Iraqi Universities in Scientific administrative Decision Making


The decision of the administrative science is the disclosure of an administrative and scientific aspect and under its individual ceiling and according its authority bestowed the laws, regulations and instructions to arrange legal effects by in scientific fields in order to achieve the public interest, and soared to scientific affairs departments in Iraqi universities contribute dramatically its creation, To achieve that it depends on many ways such as decision malting deprival based on the committees, although the method was time consuming, but it leads to the result of making successful decisions that do not result in problems when applier practice ally. As well as through scientific conferences and symposiums, which is one of the most important and most successful means to participate in decision-making because it is characterized by democracy and give way to the freedom of the debate and that the decision issued by a group of individuals or based on the opinions and proposals of several decisions to be successful in most cases.Hence, we decided to examine the role of the Scientific Affairs departments in Iraqi universities in the malting of administrative –scientific decision to highlight the significant role played by these sections in this area. In addition to its role in the development and presentation of the scientific activities of the university and show the proper scientific and cultural status.