Design and Implementation of Database Management for Presidency of Diyala University


In our life, computer has entered in all fields and its impactappeared in solving many of problems. One of thoseproblems is the ability to store and deal with a huge amountof data. Also, the consequent method of indexing,retrieving and preserving that data requires cost and effortwe need for a long time. In this paper, the authors designedand implemented a new method of database for the Officeof Security Permits at University of Diyala to resolve theroutine process and change the traditional work into anadvanced digital work. This database has designed basedon a software application with interface programed in C#and using Microsoft Access. The results show that thisdatabase management system has reflected remarkableachievement in administrational work at Office of SecurityPermits because it makes everything easy to deal with suchas storing, adding, deleting data and printing the finalreports.