Investigation of Residual Stresses in ZrO₂ -20%MgO Thermally Sprayed Coating Using X-Ray Diffraction Technique


The aim of this work is to1investigates the residualstresses and microstructural characteristics of advancedcomposite ceramic coatings (ZrO₂-20%MgO) which wereproduced by thermal spraying coating (flame spraying)onto the low carbon steel substrate (AISI 1015) steel. Thebond coat used in this work was NiCrAlY alloy betweenmetallic substrate and advanced composite ceramiccoatings which was implemented by flame sprayingtechnique. The residual stresses were evaluated by X-raydiffraction techniques using sin²ψ method.Microstructuralexamination studied by using scanning electronmicroscopy (SEM) and ( EDS) . The thickness of bondcoating was (260ϻm) and for composite ceramic coatingwas (520 ϻm). The results2indicated that the residualstresses were 2compressive residual stresses. Themagnitudes2of the stresses2in the as-sprayed condition2arelow and its value2 2was (-19.041 MPa).