Assessment of Suitability of Injana Formation Sandstone for Building and Railway Ballast Stone in Shirqat District Sallahaddin Government- Iraq


This study aims the validity of INJANA sandstone formation rocks exposed in the Sallahaddin government / shirqat district for building purposes and railway ballast stone. The study including sampling from three stations and prepared samples for laboratory tests which revealed that values of unconfined compressive strength, flexural strength, density, absorption and mechanical absorption ranges between (7.97-12.28) MPa, (3.71-4.74) MPa, (1.75-1.82) gm/cm3 , (1.13-1.16) %, and (82.3-89.2) % , respectively.The geotechnical test shows that the sandstone rocks are not suitable for dimensions stone purposes expected station (1) according to (ASTM, C-568-99,2004) and not suitable for railway ballast stone purposes according to (O.R.B.D 1999 Raymond1979).