Correlation of Serum Concentration Cyclin‑Dependent Kinase 4 and Cyclin‑Dependent Kinase 6 with Breast Cancer in Babylon Province


Objectives: The goal of this study to estimate the correlation between breast cancer and cyclin‑dependent kinase 4 (CDK4)CDK6 enzymeconcentrations in the occurrence of breast cancer and breast cancer subtypes. Methods: A total of 80 breast cancer patients are subdividedaccording to molecular classification into four groups, Luminal A, Luminal B, Her2/neu enriched, and TPN and 80 healthy individuals as controlwere enrolled; biochemical tests and body mass index were assayed. Results: No significant differences were found between patients andcontrol groups and no significant differences were found among breast cancer subtypes in the concentrations of CDK4 (P > 0.05). There wereno significant differences found between patients and control groups and no significant difference in the CDK6 concentration among subtypesgroups (P > 0.05). The correlation between age, CDK4, and CDK6 in cases and control revealed that the correlation was absent between age,CDK4, and CDK6 concentration, except a weak positive correlation was found between CDK4 and CDK6 concentrations. Conclusion: Therewas no significant difference in serum levels of CDK4 and serum level of CDK6 between case and control and among patient subtypes.