Assessment of fitness level according to some functional variables and model identificationSide profile of young free swimmers Jannan Safi Abdul


Physical fitness plays an important and effective role in advancing the level of sport. It is important to reduce the exposure to injuries. Physical fitness contributes to reducing the exposure to diseases, raising the efficiency of the respiratory and circulatory systems, reducing fatigue and accelerating recovery. According to some functional variables and determine the model of the side profile of the swimmer, including the elements of fitness in the free swimming, which works to raise the level of swimmer and evaluation ..The problem of research is the possibility of determining the model of the profile of swimmers based on the level of fitness according to some functional variables and the research aims to1. Assessment of the level of physical fitness according to some functional variables of young swimmers2 - Identification of the profile of the profile of young swimmersThe sample included 30 swimmers from the youth group. After the tests were carried out and the results were processed statistically, the conclusions were reached1 - The highest percentage achieved by the sample in fitness tests in terms of skillful performance of swimmers are at a good level2. The lowest percentage achieved by the sample is between the intermediate and acceptable levelsThe main recommendations are:1 - The adoption of these tests in assessing the level of fitness of young swimmers2- Adopting a side-by-side model in determining the level of achievement in the free swimming of young swimmers3 - Conducting research and studies of another age group in swimming sport