The regional environment in Iran's strategic awareness and its relationship to the force standard


The strategic awareness of Iran's decision-makers regarding the surrounding environment, international and regional, stems from several variables and interacting, harmonious and consistent elements that affect each other and are all affected with the surrounding environment, according to a specific model of movement and external behavior seeking to achieve Iranian national goals and interests, and from Then there must be obstacles and obstacles that may constitute barriers to achieving these goals and interests, which requires finding the necessary ingredients and building and developing the capabilities that are physically present and underlying and the ability to employ them and convert them into realistic outputs that achieve those For the goals and interests, and that is represented by the actual strengths that Iran has in its various forms, whether soft, hard or smart, in a manner that is compatible with the decision makers ’awareness of these capabilities and their awareness of the environment surrounding Iran in order to draw up a regional strategy with valuable goals that support Iran’s position as a rising regional actor within the framework of the system. International and contemporary international political order.