Israel's Policy toward Iran After the Nuclear Deal


Israel sought to prevent Iran from possessing nuclear capabilities, and it stood against contracting any nuclear agreement with it because of its lack of goodwill first and to preserve its uniqueness in acquiring nuclear weapons in the Middle East region. Secondly, after reaching the nuclear agreement between Iran and the "Five + 1" group, Israel tried to adapt to The fait accompli and adopting a confrontational policy represented in carrying out a military strike against the infrastructure of nuclear installations and the difficulty of taking such a step first, the American refusal and the support of the international community for a diplomatic solution. Secondly, it tended to adopt a policy of non-military confrontation that was hampering the Iranian nuclear program and besieging Iran regionally, and establishing an international coalition It stands against its nuclear program, undermining its international reputation, encouraging Iran-allied countries to boycott it, stopping its nuclear assistance, penetrating its nuclear system by chasing and liquidating scientists, and disrupting electronic computers designated for that system, the last of which is urging the United States of America to withdraw from the agreement and impose strict economic spontaneously on it.