The edible or bio-degradable films are materials which compose of suitable means toincrease the storage time of food and improve their condition externally conductiveto environmental contamination.The protein, lipid and polysaccharide are materials can form the edible film. Wereproteins based edible films are considered mainly appropriate in food coating.Collagen, gelatin films, corn zein, wheat gluten, soy protein, casein and mung beanprotein are the most types films used in coating food. The protein edible films haveremarkable gas block features equalled to films made from polysaccharides andlipids. These films have mechanical properties which make it best thanpolysaccharide and fat based film Although the water vapor permeability is low andthe tensile strength is less than the polymers used in the packaging, manymodifications have been used to improve the functional properties of the film viaphysical, chemical and enzymatic methods and bonding with hydrophobic materialsand some polymers