Geomorphological Analysis of Soils of Machkifeh Region


The research include analytical study for geographic element (natural and humanitarian) and its influence on the Geomorphology operations to form soil and the variation on the location for the soil calcification and type. The data have been collected from the references and other supported information related to the study location. The data collecting process came up with climate and humanitarian changes and depending on offices records dealing with this type of research, then the laboratory works came to complete the analysis of the soils taken already from the targeted area of research to reinforce the and combine the theoretical and practical works. As a second phase for the research the data and the analytical information transformed to maps for better illustration. The study included the role of natural element and its effectiveness in soil formation, this include geomorphology elements for the selected area, and the surface property, climate ability, natural plants and water resources. Also, the humanitarian elements which effects the study area through the role of human on the soil from plowing ,fertilizing and arrogation methods. Main natural properties for the study area based on scientific data. The physical property for the soil also considered in this research from the depth and tissue beside the chemical properties included the organic substance and soil content on gypsum combination. Classifying the soil based on productive ability, The risks of climate changes will affect the soil by different type of erosion, salt and flooded.