The constitutional rights of political refugees .(Study in the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq for 2005)


Throughout history, the human civilizations have witnessed waves of immigration and asylum for a variety reasons, including political asylum, which culminated in the last two centuries, until it gained international attention and was adopted by many international and constitutional conventions that established several political rights, including the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq of 2005. Especially in the midst of the critical political conditions that our country has experienced in recent decades.In this context, this research sought to understand the purpose of its field to establish the constitutional rights of the political refugee as a human being in the first place and as a political refugee in the second place. Depending on the descriptive analytical approa.This research has been divided into two major topics, the first one has dealt with the concept of political asylum and its roots and types. While the second topic was devoted to the statement of the public and private rights of the political refugee, leading to the conclusion that we will include the most important conclusions and recommendations reached by the researchers in this research.