Sanctions in the insurance contract (analytical thorough and comparative study).


Whereas, the insurance contract is one of the contracts binding on both sides that entails obligations on both parties, and among these obligations is the obligation to pay the insurance premium from the insured and informing the insured of the reality of the insured risk from it. The insured must also inform the insured of everything that would interest the insured in this field. This information must be correct and accurate and not hide any information that concerns the insurer or affect his decision to accept insurance from one side or another, and in determining the amount of the insurance premium on the other hand, because the premium is determined mainly based on the nature of the risk. Not to mention that the insurance contract is Contracts of time that last with time, the insured must notify the insured if the insured risk is exacerbated by him, whether by the insured person, or by others, or if it is for a foreign reason.