A study some rice growth properties under impact practical speed and tillage depth


The effect of practical speed and tillage depth was studied on some mechanical properties for tillage machine ( moldboard plow type ) and soil physical properties on Rice Jasmine variety at two practical speed levels of 2.681Km.hr-1and 3.562 Km.hr-1 and three levels of tillage depth of (10, 14and 22cm) .The experiments were carried out in a factorial experiment under randomized complete block design with three replications. The results showed that the practical speed of 2.681 Km.hr-1is significantly better than the practical speed levels of 3.563 Km.hr-1 as well as tillage depth 10cm was significantly superior to the other two tillage depth 14 and 22 cm in all studied parameters except fuel consumption and field efficiency . The results showed fuel consumption of 9.762 and 8.599 L.ha-1 , field efficiency of 76.407 and 77.287 % ,slippage percentage of 8.796 and 8.002% , germination percentage 95 and 98% , plant height 74.9 and 75.5 cm ,the plant branches number 4 and 6 branch/plant, 100-grain weight 19.18and 19.58 g and grain yield 3.200 and 3.273t.ha-1 for practical speed levels of 2.861 Km.hr-1 and tillage depth 10 cm , respectively