The Geomorphological evolution for Semicircular lakes in Wasit governorate by using remote sensitivity and geographic information systems


Abstract Purely aims to study the geomorphological development of semicircular changes (ox-bow lakes) for Tigris River in the Kut Governorate, highlighting ancient changes and developments. The new and track the development phases of these lakes by analyzing the Land Sat 8 spatial data. DEM data (by employing a 10.3-WMS-Erdas-Global Mapper Arc GIS software suite) and demonstrating how well these technologies track. Observing the earthly phenomena 0 and knowing the most important factors affecting their relationship with the development of crescent lakes Which is the river as it winds and turns. And learn about the changes in morphometric characteristics, and an explanation of the reasons for those changes for the lakes, as well as how to optimally invest those lakes on the agricultural, fishery and tourism side. The study concluded that among the main reasons for the emergence and development of semicircular lakes are the geological and cosmic movements that struck the research area in the third and fourth time, as well as the floods in the Tigris River in the last century, which worked to activate the processes of urgency and sedimentation in the course of the Tigris River, which led To the formation of turns and folds, and by repeating these processes, these folds separated and formed what are called semicircular or arcal lakes.