Desertification phenomenon in the eastern part of Basrah Governorate: its Causes - results - ways to reduce them


Abstract: Desertification is not a recent phenomenon in the study area، which is one of the serious environmental problems since ancient times، has developed and exacerbated at the time of the ban accelerated because of the neglect of long years of the environment and its vital system in general and the agricultural sector and irrigation in particular، and stood several factors alone or jointly to find this problem within The study area was represented by natural geographical factors such as climate، surface، soil، water and natural vegetation. The human role has been negative and large and direct in the emergence and exacerbation of this problem through the exploitation and exploitation of the natural environment resources represented by the use of non-scientific and wrong methods such as poor management of irrigation through irrigation and old and the pressure of agriculture on the soil or through overgrazing and cutting trees and shrubs palm Growth and population growth have also had a great impact and have helped to destroy the environment and the ecosystem Which was conservative to the balance of the late 1990s and led to the emergence and spread of manifestations of desertification and exacerbated in the province in general and the study area in particular، which also had significant adverse environmental and economic as well as the overall effects on human health.