The Press Speech of the Independent Al-Zaman and Al-Masry Al-Youm Newspaper During the Iran-Saudi Crisis 2016


The current research seeks to clarify the main theses adopted by the independent Al-Zaman and Al-Masry newspapers today in its handling of the Iranian-Saudi crisis 2016, and to explain the reasons and proposed solutions to the crisis, as well as to identify the active forces within the speech and the reference frameworks on which it was based, and to identify aspects of agreement and difference in that. This research is considered descriptive research that allows the use of the survey method, as the method of discourse analysis and the comparative approach was adopted, as well as the case study, and after data collection, analysis, and interpretation, the research concluded a set of results and conclusions, the most important of which are: 1. The multiplicity of the theses that were presented by the Egyptian and Iraqi newspapers today, on the crisis between Iran and Saudi Arabia 2016 and their differences, does not indicate that the adoption of the two newspapers of objectivity, as the accurate scientific analysis of their speech showed its convergence on a situation, even if it came in an explicit manner. 2. The discourse of the two newspapers was not characterized by a balance in dealing with the crisis, and this comes from the geographical proximity of the parties to the crisis to the countries in which the newspapers in question are published, as well as sectarian compatibility, or perhaps the reason is due to the pursuit of political agendas according to the editorial policies. 3. The reference citations based on the discourse of the two newspapers varied, as the political reference topped the series of hierarchies in the citations of the speech of Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper and the religious reference to the speech of Al-Zaman newspaper, which means the different political forces and intellectual currents that express them in light of the ideological difference of the various parties.