The impact of rain in traffic accidents in Babylon Governorate For the period 2007-2017)


Rainfall is one of the climatic elements that exert a significant influence on the activity of transport and communications in any part of the world, and it can be said that rainfall in abundant quantities is specific to the transportation process as it leads to a significant decrease in the visibility of the vehicle driver and road users alike as well as its impact Clear and large in the way of transportation, as it leads to its sinking and the extinction of its facilities, such as sidewalks and rest areas, as it leads to the damage of the traffic and traffic signs and the disruption of its lighting poles. The study proved that there is a very strong and close correlation between the number of rainy days, the amounts of precipitation and the number of traffic accidents during the month, and the strength of the correlation ranges from strong to very strong and almost completely correlated with some months. The link relationship reached its maximum value during the month of April, as the more it falls in the dry times of the year, the greater its impact on the occurrence of traffic accidents, when the soil is dry and the rains are abundant and sudden, which increases its impact on the occurrence of more traffic accidents.