The Effectiveness of UsingflippedclassroombyQuick Response Codes In Learning Someofskills In Artistic Gymnastics for men


The study aimed to prepare quick response codes to learn some of the technical skills of the second graders in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences. The experimental method was used in the design of the experimental and control experimental and control groups. The research sample was represented by second-graders in the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences / University of Baghdad, and by lot, the second division (a) was chosen to represent the experimental group that applied the inverse method using the QR code, and the second division (g) to represent the control group and applied the traditional method. (10) Students per group. After the tribal tests, his main experiment was carried out for 10 weeks with one instruction unit per week to learn the skill of jumping on a jumping platform and a motor chain on a parallel machine, a motor chain on the mind machine.After the post-tests, the statistical basket of social sciences (spss) was used to process the research results, which included: arithmetic mean, standard deviation, t.test test of the corresponding samples, and t.test test of asymmetric samples, Conclusions: The inverse chapter using the QR code has proven to be effective in learning some of the technical skills of the gymnasium and has outstripped the conventional approach of the college despite the traditional method that has made progress in learning.