Role of Strategic Orientation in Apossible Production System in Just In Time Requirements An Exploratory Study of the Opinions of A Sample of Managers in the General Company for the Manufacture of Ready Made Garments in Mosul


The current research highlights the relationship and the impact of strategic orientation in the requirements of - just in time - production system through a prospective study of the opinions of a sample of managers in the company researched. It included a cognitive framework about the strategic orientation as an independent variable. The requirements of the production system - just in time – are as a variable dependent. The default scheme has been developed to reflect the nature of the relationship between the variables of research. They emerged from the scheme and head of sub-hypotheses, tested in the light of the data collected through the questionnaire assembled for this purpose. The research found, among other conclusions, most notably: The existence of a correlation between strategic orientation and requirements of the production system - just in time, as well as it related to the internal arrangement of the plant and technical working groups on the performance of the active role in shaping strategic orientation of the company. Based on these findings, the study developed a set of proposals, they are: the obligation of administrative leadership in the company's values and the way that makes the personnel taking the right direction, which gives the values of strength and helps the company researched to achieve the required performance.