The Managerial Leadership Skills And Its Role In Supporting Organizational Commitment A Pilot Study Of The Opinions Of A Sample Of Administrative Leaderships Of State Company For Drugs Industry And Medical Appliances In Ninawa


The current study deals with the managerial leadership skills and their effect on supporting the organizational commitment. This study aimed at presenting a theoretical framework to the most prominent achievement researchers submitted concerning the two variable of the study, especially the independent variable of the managerial leadership skills represented by (Intellectual, human and managerial skills) and the dependent variable represented by the organizational commitment stood for by (feeling, standard and continuous commitment). The research was conducted at the State company for drugs manufacturing and medical appliances / Nineveh, then the study used descriptive method and the community of the study was (160) of manager departments unit and used the questionnaire as a basic tool for collecting the data and information in the field, the distributed questionnaire was (55) for the sample of the study. Also, the study aimed at describing the variables of the study and identifying them to test a number of hypotheses related to correlations and influence between the management leadership skills in terms of their variables and also the organizational commitment. In order to test the scheme of the study and its hypotheses, several statistical techniques were used.