Extent To Which Entrepreneurship Dimensions Contribute To The Establishment Of The Requirements Of Lean Manufacturing: Exploratory Study In The General Company For Textile And Leather Industries / Baghdad


The main purpose of this research is to determine the extent to which entrepreneurship dimensions contribute to the establishment of the requirements of Lean Manufacturing. The research has used a number of methods, including descriptive and analytical methods, to ensure that there is a relationship between the search variables. The results showed the support from dimensions of Entrepreneurship and contribution to the establishment of lean manufacturing requirements. The research community in the General Company for Textile and Leather Industries / Baghdad, according to the description of study’s variables, has been diagnosed and tested according to the correlations between the variables. According to its schedule, a number of conclusions are made, the most important of them are: the results of the applied study on the variables of study in the survey Company, revealed that the general rate of the perception of individuals respondents well and in a positive direction. This indicates that the interviewed individuals have an interest Entrepreneurship dimensions in establishing lean manufacturing requirements in survey Company. The study indicates a significant correlation and impact between each variable depending on the conclusions made by the study. The study submitted compatible suggestions with these conclusions and one of the most the management of the survey company requires an increasing attention to employment Entrepreneurship dimensions. It was adopted by the present study and the application of the principles and lean manufacturing requirements and in an integrated manner in order to optimize the use of company resources providing innovative and proactive products to ensure that many market opportunities are available as a way to maintain continuity and sustainability