The Effect of Continuous Improvement and Creativity Management on Uplifting Performance Level Analytical Study on Sampled Private Banks In Al-Qadissiyah Governorate


This research aims at identifying the effect of continuous improvement and creativity management on uplifting performance level in the Iraqi organizations in general and service sector in particular, represented by private banks in Al-Diwaniyah City. Given that continuous improvement is one of the key focuses organizations rely on to develop their performance; creativity is one of the most important options that enable organizations to adapt to the rapid changes in the environment; and for the achievement of the research goal, a questionnaire was developed and handed out on the sampled community (45 persons) and data were analyzed by use of SPSS v.23 software and Amos v.23 software .The research came up with a number of important conclusions like that researched banks hold operation competences that enable them to excel in their performance .A number of recommendations were also put like that those banks are urged to document information related to continuous improvement for developing and growing such information according to their needs in order to uplift their performance.