Evaluation of Educational Dimensions in Static Educational Images of Methodological Books (English language book for the first grade as a model)


Abstract:-The current research dealt with educational dimensions aimed at educators, especially in Iraq, which should establish a good citizen who is jealous of his country.Education is a complex process that is not carried out by a specific entity alone, but rather by combining more efforts from the family to the community and through the school to achieve a great goal, namely that the new youth is a lover of his country and a beneficiary of himself and his society.The school has an active role in this system, so the child may spend time in it and between his books more than his time with his family, and the basic role after the teacher falls on the methodological book.In the last few years after the invasion of Iraq, we have heard cries of skepticism about the competence of textbooks to prepare a generation capable of carrying out its future tasks.From here the researcher generated several questions, the most important of which lies in the scope of academic scope is the extent of the eligibility of textbooks textbooks to broadcast the spirit of the Iraqi society Eastern Islamic origin and the spirit of good citizenship in the new generation? The researcher is exposed to the English language book for the first grade of the primary is a reflection of the educational dimensions borne by his photographers and the extent of eligibility for our community identified the problem of research B.Evaluation of educational dimensions in the static educational images of the textbooks (English language book for the first grade of the primary model)In his theoretical framework, he dealt with the first topic on education, its dimensions, sources and changes, and its orientation and objectives.As for the second topic, it is presented to the controls of the preparation of the systematic educational book and the purpose of the visual presentation accompanying the texts written in it and how to make it a positive value with the content to build the individual and society.After the researcher analyzed 50% of the authors of the book, the results showed that the validity of the votes on the non-eligibility of one of the textbooks curriculum, which is the English language book under consideration, the results of the research showed that he did not print to the Iraqi student, Gives attention only to play and entertainment and enjoy and joke outside the boundaries of the intellectual system accepted by the Iraqi Holy Street, and the educational dimension will produce a generation that does not recognize the law or respect for the great or the feelings of others, but it is what is called to encroach on the Creator Almighty, and that the committee prepared by not qualified to lead such a project A large a A systematic book counter building.Key words:- educational dimensions, primary school, systematicbooks, English language. children, school, the description, moe, kit, animal curl, elephant, bag, bus, body, work.