The Effectiveness of Multimedia Technique in Teaching Reading Comprehension to EFL Preparatory School Students


Using technology in teaching a foreign language has witnessed a wide spread in the recent years which necessitate using available and applicable technology in teaching EFL. Multimedia(MT) technique is one of the most useful and available technology that the teacher can use to facilitate a foreign language learning process.As far as the researchers know preparatory school students face difficulties in comprehending the texts that they read in English. Hence, this study aims to investigate the effectiveness of the MT for teaching reading comprehension to those students. A number of hypotheses have been constructed and a sample of 64 fifth year preparatory school male students are selected and divided into two equal groups. The experimental group is taught reading comprehension by using the MT, whereas the control group is taught without using the MT.An achievement test has been constructed and applied to the involved sample after ensuring its validity and reliability. Then the collected data has been treated statistically. Results indicate that the achievement of the experimental group is significantly better than that on the control group in reading comprehension. This means that the MT has a positive role in improving EFL students' achievement in reading comprehension. Later on, the study ended with some conclusions and recommendations.