The effect of using selective attention questions in teaching some basic handball skills


Handball effectiveness is one of the collective sports activities that are included in the mathematical curriculum of the second stage in the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Baghdad. It includes some handball skills that require the student to learn and develop in order to reach the highest level of achievement in the skillful performance through the use of the educational method (The questions of selective attention), and the fact that the researcher is one of the teaching of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science and learn about the obstacles and problems faced by the student in the second year of the college because the student suffers from the difficulty of mental skill installation, (Selective attention questions) as a new skill-fixing technique to achieve educational goals to raise the level of learning some of the basic skills of handball better.The research aims to:Preparation of the vocabulary of a practical field application curriculum using selective attention in the teaching of some basic skills of handball in the students of the third stage College of Physical Education and Sports Science University of Baghdad.