Convergent thinking and its relationship to the tactical behavior of the goalkeepers in some Baghdad soccer clubs for youth


Convergent thinking and its relation ship to knowledge and planned behavior of players and goalkeepers products for the faculties of physical education and spots science football for central region of Iraq The thesis included fire doors , the first section contained the introduction and the importance find where is considered to thing of the sports fild – based basic to take appropriate decision in dealing with the variables facing the player in the competition The problem of research lies in the psychological pressures that occur in the game of football of them physical skill . planning . cognitive and psychological plan many players during the course of the game this is reflected in their thinking when they implement the playing plans that have arole resolring the situation Especiallt if these plans are studied care fully and the fact that the players are responsible for the implement ation of thespians in a way that is consistent with the variables of the plying situation and that their exposure to these pressure leads toalack of tactical knowledge in fluential in reaching the right aecisions Goal keepers require them the riqht time to go out and deal with the baoo and the striker on the one hand and to act in accordance with the plans to suit the defenders that must be coordinated in order to keep the goat on the other . the aim of the research is to act on the level of conrergent thinking and its relation ship to knowledge and behavioral planning of players and goal keepers prouducts for the faculties of physical education and spot sciences for the cental region. The researcher hypothesized that there is a statistically significant relation ship between convergent thin king . planetary know ledge and the planned behavior of the players and the goalkeepers under consideration As for the door the second was contained on the material theory relating to the subject find and ensure also studies similar .The third section used the descriptive method of surveying ofter conducting the pilot surer and distributing the questionnaire to the research samplethe researcher in the fourth section using the system of statistical bag ready (( SPSS)) to extract the results , analyze and discuss them and access to the fifth secton the conclusions are the important of which is a correlation Between convergent thinking , planetary knowledge and Planned Beharior among players and Goalkeepers of the colleges of club . As the researcher suggests the need to use the measure of convergent thinking and planning knowledge and planning behavior by trainers and teachers of trening sports in Iraq .