Robotics Path Planning Algorithms using Low-Cost IR Sensor


A robot is a smart machine that can help people in their daily lives and keep everyone safe. the three general sequences to accomplish any robot task is mapping the environment, the localization, and the navigation (path planning with obstacle avoidance). Since the goal of the robot is to reach its target without colliding, the most important and challenging task of the mobile robot is the navigation. In this paper, the robot navigation problem is solved by proposed two algorithms using low-cost IR receiver sensors arranged as an array, and a robot has been equipped with one IR transmitter. Firstly, the shortest orientation algorithm is proposed, the robot direction is corrected at each step of movement depending on the angle calculation. secondly, an Active orientation algorithm is presented to solve the weakness in the preceding algorithm. A chain of the active sensors in the environment within the sensing range of the virtual path is activated to be scan through the robot movement. In each algorithm, the initial position of the robot is detected using the modified binary search algorithm, various stages are used to avoid obstacles through suitable equations focusing on finding the shortest and the safer path of the robot. Simulation results with multi-resolution environment explained the efficiency of the algorithms, they are compatible with the designed environment, it provides safe movements (without hitting obstacles) and a good system control performance. A Comparison table is also provided.