Samrra in the Books of Literature and Genealogy and Dictionaries and Countries


Samarra is a great city which is an old as well as history therefor Its case is much more clear and not only to be reference in a research or one book. It is a city, home, capital, history, civilization, and every thing that is landmark and lofty like its Imams and holies. Samarra founded in 221 hijri which was to be capital of Alabbasi Caliphate wherein developed and flourished life then it decreased and lost in 279 hijri. It can continue to stand in life and cultivate a rebirth of spirit because of the excellence of holy shrine of two Alaskariyyein imams (peace be upon them)This paper investigates the interest of Samarra in the books of literature and dictionaries and to identify its poetry and poets and fantastic poems. It shows the tribes, human genealogy and inhabitance families of this beautiful city. The attempt of this paper is to discover the countries books in which reference to city geography, rivers, ground features and architecture. So through this paper, it shows the appearance of society, economy and militaryof the city.