The Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On Foreign Trade In Developing Countries With Reference To Iraq


Foreign direct investment has an active role in the global economy and developing countries and its effect appears on the foreign trade index and for this has made foreign direct investment to solve many of the problems suffered by the economies of developing countries and access to financing instead of "loans that are a burden" on the national economy. As for Iraq, it should have a role in developing the sectors (industrial, agricultural, service). Therefore, foreign investment must be given importance in order to exploit the abundant economic resources available and give new opportunities to the unemployed, transfer modern and advanced technology and raise productivity, and that most of our needs are imported from overseas due to the backwardness of the productive sectors and the exposure of the infrastructure to destruction after 2003, Iraq must establish cooperation with other developing economies and (World Trade Organization) allows the establishment of economic groupings provided that they are not closed to themselves and that the promotion and diversification of exports requires coordination between the public and private sectors with Attention to the role of commercial attachés in promoting commercial interests between Iraq and other countries, and as it is known to us that the Iraqi economy is unilaterally dependent on the commodity of oil in exports and this is incorrect, it must diversify its commodities because the oil commodity is linked to low and high prices and the Iraqi government should direct its economy towards foreign investment, because its positive impact on the Iraqi economy leads to many benefits, including inflow the foreign currency inward due to the large number and diversity of our exports abroad, which leads to the opening of factories even if they are small and over time the factories grow and become with huge capital and gradually "we reach the ranks of some developing countries.The research is based on the hypothesis that foreign direct investment has a role in influencing foreign trade in light of the availability of the investment climate for developing countries, including Iraq.