Assessing the levels of Maturity in Enterprise Information Management An Exploratory Study of the Views of a Number of Engineers in Construction and Projecting Management Department/ Mosul University


This current research aims to identify the reality of the level of maturity in enterprise information management according to (Gartner) model which has been conducted through a survey done at the department of construction and projecting management / University of Mosul, as the survey consisted of (30) samples and the number of respondents was (29) samples , which represents the percentage of (96.6%). After a statistical processing using cluster analysis - (K-means) method, we have reached a number of results , first of the them , as it was noted that the third level which is the reactive level had the highest frequency among the others .The reason behind this is that (the experimented community ) searches for the information only when it is needed . This may be attributed to the engineering specialty that do not handle information as it should be. Therefore, we have proposed several recommendations for the purpose of achieving an active maturity for a better enterprise information management.