The design of training programs in the light of the requirements of environmental citizenship (Case Study)


The aim of this research to the design of training programs in accordance with the requirements of environmental citizenship, held in the professional training institute of the Department of Planning and Follow-up in the office of the secretariat of Baghdad and the staff of the municipal departments and staff of the Department of Municipal awareness of the people of the public taste.The research problem was the weakness of the attention of the secretariat of Baghdad training programs that improve the citizen's relationship with the environment have interacted variables bilateral research included (the design of training programs and the requirements of environmental citizenship) in the composition of the intellectual framework for this research and included a sample search (99) Staff members of the secretariat of Baghdad municipal services with, the kadhimiya municipality, directorate general of relations and public information, the Department of solid waste and the environment), and rely on the resolution as a key tool in the collection of data and information according to Lekert gauge the was analyzed using the statistical program (Spss).The search reached many conclusions, perhaps the most prominent of the weakness of the attention of the secretariat of Baghdad and environmental training programs toward the citizenship of GM (environmental awareness, the application of environmental laws and legislation, increase community contributions directed toward the environment) as the most important recommendations include increased attention to training programs that focus toward this subject