Brozasr "technocratic leadership" in developing countries - a field study of administrative


Number of studies have been carried out regarding preferences given to Generalists vis –a-vis Specialists for leading administrative systems .
Obviously ,preferences between the two sides were always linked to stages of scientific and technological development in the given country .
Thompson,Etzioni,Trevor ,and Pules besides others were all emphasizing needs for more Specialists (Technocrates ) ,while Lately Johnston ,Generalist ,Gardner .and Bernstein Emphasis the need for Generalists .
Victor Thomson has predicated an increasing competition between Generalist on one hand and Technocrats on the other hand .He has predicted that this competition may lead to what he had called a "bureau pathology "In the same context Clarke points out how middle management plays a mediation role between Generalists and Technocrats at lower levels of leaderships.
The purpose of the present research is to find out actual trends towards Technocrats vis –a vis Generalists in Jordan as one of the developing countries which is experiencing a relatively significant scientific and technological progress .
Implicitly a search for Bureau Pathological Symptoms in Jordan is additional purpose of this study .
Accordingly the following hypothesis is developed for investigation :There are no statistically significant relationships between number of Technocratsone hand and personnel attitudes regarding certain scientific and technological considerations on the other hand in the concerned administrative systems .
Findings of the analysis showed some needs for more technocrats at various Levels of leaderships .