The important of the financial technologies in enhancing financial inclusion of the banks with reference to international experience


The aim of this study is to highlights the important of financial technologies in banks through providing the financial service and its role in enhancing the financial inclusion to provide all the financial production to more customers , different ages and poor people focusing on improving their living levels by awarding them the credit in low cost as well as participating all sectors including small and semi institutions. The available of financial technologies whether interfused by non-financial companies or individuals or financial institutions the required credit quickly and low cost. Recently appeared new concept it is contingency financing that will contribute in supporting the sustainable development . the Palestinian and Indian experiment had previewed to get the benefits by knowing the obstacles which had faced and how to overcome , then the opportunity which support them . the most important conclusions and suggestions of the study is : the aim of financial inclusion is to merge all customers in the official financial system. Moreover , the obstacles that faced the financial technologies is high cost of internet , weakness of financial knowledge among the society . Thereafter the suggestion in focusing on expanding the range of financial services for the society that did not with banks. Moreover organizing effective electronic paying and providing alterative choices for the customers . then forcing on disbanding planning programs that will educate the capability of the society to interest with the productions and services of banks with complete knowledge . that will accommodate their consumptive and investment needs.